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- Sellwood-based photographer to showcase intriguing collection of fine art photography -

PORTLAND, OR - October 10, 2011 – For one night only: Wednesday, November 2, 2011,  from 6 - 9 pm, local photographer Kim Campbell will display work from  her new collection of fine art photography.

Inspired by a love of  vintage costumery, curious props, vivid imagery and psychological  exploration, Campbell has crafted an assortment of exquisitely complex  and soulful images, taking fine art portraiture to an exciting new  place.

Dubbed El Corazon (Spanish for “the heart”), this  eye-grabbing assortment of dreamlike images uses children as subjects,  and asks viewers to question the simplicity of childhood.  Interpretations may be literal, symbolic, culturally evocative or even  mythological in nature.

As Campbell explains, “As an art  therapist and photographer, I revel in the psychological perceptions  within the art-making and viewing experience. I explore emotion and  creativity, mining for an inner wonderland of experiences in my  subjects’ childhoods. This is what compels my work, and is the soul of  my El Corazón portrait series.” 

Campbell’s  husband of 18 years, sculptor Francisco Salgado, hails from Mexico City.  Thus Campbell feels a strong connection to the culture and traditions  of Mexico as part of a multi-cultural family. It is therefore no  coincidence that she has chosen November 2nd to unveil El Corazon. In  Mexico, November 2 is celebrated as el Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead.) Accordingly, this debut of Campbell’s El Corazon collection will feature imagery related to the Day of the Dead: Enmascarados (the masked ones), Los Soñadores (the little dreamers) and the Lotería (Mexican Bingo.)

Old Portland Hardware & Architectural will provide a gorgeously moody backdrop of antique doors, windows and  keys, against which Campbell will display her evocative imagery.  Meanwhile, several of the masked children featured in the El Corazon  series will be on hand to run a rousing game of Loteria. Rounding out  the festivities will be a Day of the Dead altar to add an offering too,  Mexican pastries to sample, wine and a variety of delicious chocolate  truffles from Portland’s own Missionary Chocolates.

Old  Portland Hardware & Architectural is located at 4035 Southeast  Division St, Portland, OR 97202. The El Corazon event begins promptly at  6 pm.

About Kim Campbell: A Portland-based  professional photographer with a degree in Art Therapy, Campbell has  been building a collection of evocative fine art portraits since 2007.  In 2008 & 2009 her work received Honorable Mentions in American  Photo Magazine’s annual Images of the Year collections. To learn more  about Kim Campbell, please visit her website at or call 503-951-8547.

About Old Portland Hardware and Architectural: Old Portland Hardware & Architectural is 5000 square feet of  antique lighting, hardware, stained glass windows, and a thousand other  funky finds from Portland and across the country. From the simple to the  exquisite, the dollar bins to artisan master pieces, we have something  for everybody.

About Missionary Chocolates:
 Melissa  Berry, N.D. (a naturopathic physician & chocolatier) and her sister  Vanessa Holden, founded Missionary Chocolates in 2008 with the  “mission” of building a complementary health center in Portland, funded  by chocolate. Delicious and allergy-friendly, Missionary Chocolates are  just what the doctor ordered.

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