Children's Photography

At It's Very Best

4 Unique Lines of Kids Photos to Choose From

Original Portraits™ - Our playful and always gorgeous in-studio children's portraits. From classic black and white in our indoor photo studio to rich luminescent color in our natural light outdoor portrait garden. Bring your children to us and we'll take care of the rest.

Children's studio photo sessions and starting packages begin at $700.

Vignettes™ - We'll capture your child in his favorite environment - home. A photo documentary approach allows for candids and portraits of your child that capture the unique spirit of your child's young life, as well as, magical moments as they unfold with your photographer Kim.

On location photo shoots with your little ones start at $900 for a sitting and package.

El Corazon™ - Our most artistic option. Our award-winning children's photographer Kim Campbell opens her costume closet of props to have a magical play date with your child in front of the camera. Inspired and imaginative portraits emerge suitable as artwork for your home.

Conceptual portraiture sitting and package starts at $1200.

Children can play in our Foto Playground™ too. With some adult supervision - kids have just as much or maybe more than grownups. Birthday parties are recommended for children 8 and older. Though children of any age can come for a family session. Best group size for parties is under 6 people.

Studio rental for children starts at $400.

Kim was really tuned in to my kids and how long they would be able to last getting their pictures taken. She made it fun for them and by the finished product it is more than obvious that she knows what she is doing. She captured their true personalities and got some really fabulous pictures. These photos are ARTWORK, not snapshots.
— Carla H.

The Investment

If you were lucky enough to grow up with professional photography remember think about how it makes you feel to come across those charming photos that captured a younger version of you. No one wants stiff formal photos of their child and neither do we. To showcase your kids as artwork in your home we've got a wide range of cool photography products to decorate your walls.

Or ditch the pro photographer and let your kids take their own photos in our Foto Playground™. Studio rental and digital file packages start at $400. Recommended for ages 8 and older with parental supervision.

Session + Package


With a wide range of pricing among Portland children's photographers it’s important to know that at Campbell Salgado Studio your portrait investment goes to supporting local artists with 20+ years of experience, an amazing team of talented and caring people and a gorgeous location that will make you feel at home. 

To be photographed with us we have a minimum order of a sitting fee and small package or equivalent.

Original Portraits™ 

In Studio Children's Session

$700 - sitting fee of $200 + small package of $500


On Location Children's Session

$900 - sitting fee of $400 + small package of $500

Portrait of girl with dog taken at Campbell Salgado Studio by photographer Kim Campbell

Your Package Includes...

  • A 30 minute planning session in our studio or over the telephone.
  • An 80 minute photo shoot in studio with up to 3 backgrounds or 2 hours on location.
  • A personalized photo blog post on our site to share with friends and family.
  • The following week come back for a multi-media presentation where we set the very best images from your session to music and assist you in creating gorgeous wall art for your home.
  • Pick your 4 favorite poses and you'll receive a package that includes 6 retouched prints and web-sized files for sharing online of your chosen 4 favorites.
  • Love more? Additional prints, digital files and photo products are available for purchase.

Love Natural Expressions? 

We do to. However, somewhere along the path of childhood, we are taught to respond to a single word with a stock response. CHEESE! (recall mental picture of Cheshire grin) Do you associate this with children's studio photography? Pause for a moment with that image in mind, and you'll probably agree that the result will look as goofy as it feels.

A pro photographer–like Kim Campbell–knows you want your child smiling back naturally at you in their portrait, just as they would in real life. We've found a candid expression from a child is far more real and lasting through some straight-forward fun, silliness, and play. So say "No!" to cheese in your photos when visiting your children's portrait studios (you'll be glad you did).

Amazing! The entire process was effortless and fun. Kim and the rest of the team really know how to capture those magical moments- especially with kids. I would recommend Campbell Salgado Studio to anyone who wanted high quality, breath-taking pictures. Our experience with Kim surpassed all our expectations and we will forever be grateful for her talent and the gift she shares through her lens.
— Mary K.

Child-Friendly Clothing Picks

“What to wear?” is a common question we hear at our planning sessions. With children’s portraits it’s important to choose clothes that reflect the essence of your child. For some, that might mean soft camouflage pants, a tiara, a super-hero cape or a pair of rubber boots. These pieces allow children to express themselves in a way that words cannot.

Texture in your child’s clothing is also a plus. Think: fabrics like tulle, corduroy, and velvet; adornments like embroidery, appliques, buttons or overstitching. Fun prints are a bonus like polka dots and playful stripes. Just be sure to bring some solids to balance out the look.

Avoid shirts with type, brands, and messages, unless you’re sure it will have value to you in years to come. Don't forget shoes to match each outfit or bare feet. While we keep props to a minimum in our photography for children we do encourage you to bring musical instruments, special toys and lovey blankies. 

Our Kid's Speak Series

We love what kids have to say. Our children's photographer Kim Campbell asked 40 kids their thoughts on a range of subjects. Watch to see their surprising and charming answers.