Francisco Salgado

CEO + Head of Production


Our Resident Renaissance Man

A papa to two children and husband to Kim, Francisco is a natural born story-teller, comedian and warm-hearted bear of a man.

Our co-owner and CEO, Francisco, has spent a number of years behind the camera and moved into a support role in 2011. In fact in 1997, he trained Kim with everything he knew about photography and he knew a lot. Teaching at PCC photography and sculpture at the time, Kim got some personal and private lessons. In return, she shared her ideas of capturing the emotional side of people in photography. The two are a magical pair in business together. Now married over 25 years they continue to explore the the world and try new ventures side by side.


Now a Licensed Realtor®


Francisco Salgado can also be found helping find homes for sale in Portland, Oregon. As a professional real estate broker at Portland Digs, he brings his amazing people skills to folks searching for a new home or selling their current one. Specializing in SE Portland, including homes in Sellwood-Moreland our beloved neighborhood. View his neighborhood home guide for Portland, Oregon or glossary of historic Portland home styles on his site. It’s a great starter for people relocating or moving around Portland.

Art Experience

Francisco Salgado discovered a passion for photography as a young man in Mexico. When he moved to the US he started taking classes in earnest at Lane Community College eventually transferring to the University of Oregon to study Photography and receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Immersion in the arts allowed him to dabble in drawing, ceramics, painting and sculpture.  Ahhhhh....a newfound passion is discovered - SCULPTURE. With a scholarship offer in hand Francisco continued on at the University of Oregon until he had received a Masters in Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Oregon. His hard work did not go by unnoticed and upon graduating he received the prestigious Jan Zach Award for sculpture.