Our Amazing Team

Laurie, in charge of Sales and Fundraising Requests at Campbell Salgado Studio in Portland, Oregon


Mom to three boys, Laurie is the multi-tasking hero of our front office. From helping people select the perfect photos for their home to lending a hand whenever it's needed. Laurie is our go to gal. We've all been fortunate to enjoy Laurie's expertise in artistic wall design and layouts since 2011. 

Michele, a photo assistant at Campbell Salgado Studio in Portland, Oregon


Our young at heart photo assistant Michele keeps everyone smiling, including her own kiddos. Always at the ready, Michele knows just when to bring out bubbles, candy or tickles to get the best smiles from your little one. Fun fact...Michele has the only daughter among all of our staff!

Sierra, a Photo Retoucher at Campbell Salgado Studio in Portland, Oregon


Our photo retoucher extraordinaire, Sierra, polishes up the photos and make them sing with the signature Campbell Salgado look. We've loved watching her boys grow up over the years and are thrilled that she works for us remotely now that she's crossed the pond to live in England.

Karen, photo assistant at Campbell Salgado Studio in Portland, Oregon


Our lovely photo assistant Karen, steps into the studio from time to time. Her kind and patient demeanor wins over even the shyest ones. By the end of the sessions all the kids are ready for the playdate to continue with their new friend Karen. Good thing she lives in Sellwood, she knows all the best spots for a treat!

Hazel the Studio Cat

Our studio mascot, Hazel or 'Hazelnut' in her wilder moments provides an endless amount of curiosity and entertainment among our clients. Bringing a pet to the session? It's wise to let us know before walking in–otherwise you might be in for a surprise! Her best skills include defending the studio from dogs and bombing photo shoots.