Individual Portraits

Professional Photos for LinkedIn & Facebook that Simply Impress

Social media outlets (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) allow custom avatars to present yourself to the world. So whether you need a professional headshot for personal or business reasons we will help you put your best face forward.

Do you know what kind of impression you are making? We believe that having a singular fabulous photo can make your online profile sing. 

 Individual portrait of a woman sitting on a porch swing with a cup of coffee taken at Campbell Salgado Studio.

Offering Top Notch Head Shots

There are all kinds of reasons people need a fresh photo of themselves. Oftentimes a selfie simply doesn't pass muster to capture you properly. Our personal photo sessions are perfect for all kinds of situations like:

  • Actors Headshots
  • Model Headshots
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Gift prints for Children, Parents or Partners

We Give Great Dating Photos #profileupdate

In our visual, technologically driven world that face you present is key to expressing who you are. Don't you want to make the best impression. Dating photos can tarnish or inspire those first impressions. At Campbell Salgado studio you can purchase unbranded digital photos to use in your hunt for love.

I was expecting to get one good shot, but instead I got so many that it was hard to choose from. I loved the creativity that she infused into her style of photography too. She was able to capture several playful pictures of me along with some serious ones without me even realizing that she was capturing them. Her carefree and fun nature made that possible. I felt totally at ease in front of the camera which is not the norm for me.
— Shira F.

The Investment

There has never been a time when having a great personal photo has been more important. Managing your reputation online and presenting the image that you want to present is key. From social apps like LinkedIn and Facebook to dating websites.

Please note that rates are different based on your intended usage. If you plan to use images on any business property or website use commercial pricing. If you are using it solely for personal sites like Facebook, Twitter, dating, and more use personal rates.

Session + Package


With a wide range of pricing among Portland personal and commercial photographers it’s important to know that at Campbell Salgado Studio your portrait investment goes to supporting local artists with 20+ years of experience, an amazing team of talented and caring people and a gorgeous location that will make you feel at home. 

To be photographed with us we have a minimum order of a sitting fee and small package or equivalent.



$700 - sitting fee of $200 + package of $500 (6 prints and 4 web files from 4 favorite poses)


5 Pose Digital File Special, includes sitting fee for one person and 5 digital files, sized accordingly

  • $600 for WEB size files (500 x 700 pixels)
  • $775 for SMALL files (1050 x 1500 pixels)
  • $925 for MEDIUM size files (1500 x 2100 pixels)


3 Pose Digital File Special, includes commercial licensing, sitting fee for 1 or 2 people and 3 digital file..

  • $565 for WEB size files (500 x 700 pixels)
  • $700 for SMALL files (1050 x 1500 pixels)
  • $925 for MEDIUM size files (1500 x 2100 pixels)


$750 - sitting fee of $250 (for mother and 1 or 2 babies) + small package of $500

 Dr. Downey with Macadam Dental portrait by Campbell Salgado Studio

Your Package Includes...

FOR THAT RATE You'll receive...

  • A 20 minute planning session over the telephone.
  • A 50-80 minute photo shoot in studio with up to 3 backgrounds.
  • The following week you may come back for a multi-media presentation where we set the very best images from your session to music and assist you in selecting the perfect photos for your needs or you may choose an online gallery to select your photos from the comfort of your own home.
  • Fulfill your chosen package.
  • Love more? Additional prints, digital files and photo products are available for purchase.

Selfie lover?

Ditch the pro photographer and take your own photos in our Foto Playground™. Studio rental and digital file packages start at $400. 

Get a Pro Headshot

Simply need one great headshot?

We can schedule a 15 minute shoot with your chosen background. 

Prepaid cost:

$350 (for business use) or $300 (for personal use)

You'll receive...

  • Mini session: one outfit, one backdrop
  • Online gallery to pick your shot
  • 1 SMALL digital file (sized 1050x1500 pixels at 72dpi, may also be printed up to 3.5" x 5") retouched and emailed to you
  • Commercial or personal licensing to allow you to legally use file
  • Additional images may be purchased from shoot