Family Portrait Comparison Color vs. Black and White/Sepia

Choosing to document a family photography session in color, black and white or sepia is a question that always comes up at our photo studio. Back when we photographed using film that question had to be answered before we put film into our camera. For the last five years, since our conversion to digital photography, we can now answer that question during the order process. This is a huge boon to clients who want to visualize what a monochromatic version looks like as compared to color. We think that each modality has it’s own mood and we are fortunate to be photographers in an age of amazing technological advancement. This family provided some great options for comparison. Here is a sample family portrait taken in our outdoor portrait garden.

Here they are in their in-studio family portrait.

Beautiful family in any tone for sure. Did you find yourself instantly drawn to one of the styles? We are pleased to be able this type of comparison as one of the many unique features about our in-studio, multi-media order presentations that our clients are able to take advantage of.