Portraits at Creative Toystore Plue

Tucked away in the Woodstock neighborhood is a little treasure of a children’s store called Plue.Owner, Wendy Turner, chose the name from a Shel Silverstein book Runny Babbit and it cleverly describes the cross between purple and blue asplue. We were thrilled when Wendy recently invited us to have some portrait photography on display above the wooden veggies, felted bird banners, beautiful books and creative toys. If you step through the door be sure to enjoy some of our favorite children’s photography on the walls as you search for that perfect birthday present, baby gift or treasure for your child.

Stop by for storytime on Mondays at 10:30 am and you’ll be in for a auditory treat amidst visual wonderment. They can be found next to Collageon Woodstock at 4431 SE Woodstock.