Photo Designs in the 2008 Street of Dreams

In August and September, Campbell Salgado Studio designs photo displays for the second year in a row at the Portland, Oregon Street of Dreams Cherith Brook home. Strolling through these homes is a great summertime tradition, and the views are as spectacular this year as in years past.

This show is an opportunity to showcasing portrait arrangements in the home. Personalized portraits of the builder Sergey Gostev and his family were created and displayed near the front entry and throughout the home, along with a few of our other clients.

Dealing with challenging spaces like staircase walls were addressed by forming tight groupings of individual framed portraits to create one artistic composition.

About Campbell Salgado Studio: Husband and wife team Francisco Salgado and Kim Campbell joined forces professionally in 1995 to create Campbell Salgado Studio, a trend-setting Oregon-based photography studio with an international clientele. Situated in a lovingly restored 1908 building with an attached portrait garden, Campbell Salgado Studio helps families record the special moments of their lives through breathtakingly beautiful and original photography. To learn more about Campbell Salgdo Studio, please visit their website at or call 503-736-3040.


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