Zenana Spa Stairway Gallery

Zenana Rose of Zenana Spa recently invited us to come up with a unique show for the main entry staircase that leads from the spa up to the classroom. We love how the Zenana Spa specializes in nurturing moms from heath care and exercise to pampering services like massages and pedicures. Gift certificates are a necessary indulgence for new moms in our humble opinion.

So we brought in a fun solution to a common challenge. How to hang photos on the stairs. By using a repetitive frame style and nine portraits from our Vignettes™ collection we were able to create almost miniature windows of wonder along the focal wall of the stairway. Each picture is part of an interesting tale about a single family. Be sure to enter to win a $300 gift certificate the next time your visiting the spa and maybe we’ll be telling your story through pictures.