Vignettes™ - playroom wall designs

This January, Vignettes™ is about telling Visual Tales of Home and Family in the wintertime. Kim Campbell and her camera spend time with you in your home, encouraging everyone to do the things they love, together as a family. Snuggle. Play. Relax. Dance. Be yourself. And Kim captures an ethereal story that will last a lifetime.

Just for fun, check out the Brown Family Vignettes™ book. Mom Stephanie helped personalize the text, dad Julio, a photographer himself, selected many of the arrangements and the kids were joyfully just themselves! A consummate blogger about bungalow insanity, Stephanie wrote about her experience and provided a sneak peek of how her Vignettes™ wall portraits fit perfectly into their playroom. I should mention she has an eye and a business for color: check it out at Local Color Studio.