Vignettes: A Concept is Born

As a visual person, I’m always looking back on my life through old snapshots, portraits and pictures I store in my mind. There are so many vacations, birthday parties, and visits with relatives.

Each day there are moments I love to savor later: cuddling in bed with my family, reading stories to my son, baking with my daughter, sharing a glass of wine and intimate conversation with my husband. These moments make up who we are and reflect the values and love we invest in our family each day.

A few years back our good friend and photojournalist, Jorge Vinueza, took real photographs of Francisco, Tamaio and I at home. These photographs have become some of our most cherished images.

I thought anyone deserves a record of personal moments like those that Jorge captured. And I know that others feel the same, that there is a need to document their own treasured moments.

I’ve had the pleasure of playing the behind-the-scenes visionary over the years: I invent new products by thinking of imagery I imagine for my own family, and sharing ideas with friends and clients. I keep revisiting this fragment: a day in the life of…

I want to capture moments that often go unnoticed and weave a pictorial of everyday family life. These thoughts are unimpressive scraps of fabric alone, but become a gorgeous quilt by an artist’s hands. And so, from this vision, Vignettes, visual tales of home and family, is born.

This product line is so unique that it has its own distinctive look, centering around beautiful, customized coffee table books. Books are timeless, and portable. Imagine handing down this visual documentary of their lives at home, it’s your history as a family. Wall portraits are full-framed, without mats. And the images themselves could not be unique if we didn’t change our approach. With Vignettes, we exclusively shoot on location, and in your home.

Whether you love tradition and storytelling, or just want to preserve those intimate moments at home with your family, Vignettes is an experience in portraiture that you can’t miss. I have wanted something like this for my own family for so long, that I know you’ll look forward to it too.