The Lighter Side of the Economy

Last year we introduced an abbreviated version of our time-rich Signature Series Original Portraits™ line. We did this to create affordable options for families who still wanted to continue family traditions but were making careful choices about their family’s personal economy. As a business we thought about how we could make changes to our premier product line that would meet the needs of our clientele and still be a viable business model.

So here’s what we did. We created a lighter version of our premier brand where sessions were available at a lower cost. Sessions have been shortened from 60 to 30 minutes and restricted to weekdays. We manage this shorter time frame by limiting clothing changes to one perfect outfit and background selected by the photographer. A week later families will view 30 of the photographer’s favorite images versus 65 with our Signature Series. We were also able to lower the price on the finished prints by over 25% by removing the matting option that we’d previously done on all portraits that left the studio. This is a DIY opportunity for our clients to save costs and handle framing options themselves.

This new option is called Original Portraits™ – Light and has been well received by our established clientele and new customers. Having options is not only satisfying to people but their pocketbooks as well. Now it’s even easier for folks to drop in for a quick updated family portrait or a child’s new spectacles.

If you are struggling to find new ways to build your photography business in a tough economy consider taking a lighter approach.