PULSE - Artists Creating for Kids

The Children’s Heart Foundation – Oregon Chapter is one of our favorite charitable organizations. Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of helping the Oregon Chapter put some local faces at their events by photographing children with congenital heart defects. The mission of the Children’s Heart Foundation is to fund the most promising research to diagnose, treat and prevent congenital heart defects. We’d like to encourage you to lend your support too.

This Fall PULSE returns for an evening of music, art and food. What is particularly unique about this fundraising event is that CHF has found 35 artists willing to create and donate the art they make on the day of the event November 8th, 2008. Partygoers can watch the artists making significant pieces of art until they are auctioned off at 9 pm that evening. Francisco and I have gone to this event several times and we just love experiencing the artistic process with others.

Here is a quick link to purchase tickets for the event. Hope to see you there.