Photo Internship Opportunity

We have an internship opportunity at the studio. This is a great chance for a photographer to experience working in a professional photography studio. Many of our photo interns have later become paid photo assistants at the studio. 

Photo Intern – Our chosen intern will get to have hands-on experience during photo sessions assisting the photographer and providing general support behind-the-scenes. Plus there will be editing and blog writing opportunities.  

Great people skills with folks from zero to 99 years old. Experience and a highlevel of comfort working with children is a must. A willingness to be a goofball clown is a plus.

Internship up to 10 hours per week, must be available on Saturdays. Upon successful completion at the end of internship period intern will receive a letter of recommendation and be placed on our list for paid photo assisting opportunities.

Contact us via the contact us page to submit a letter of interest. Including your time frame, school affiliation*, skills and personal/professional goals for working at a photography studio.

*These are college-level internships. If your internship is connected with a college include the school requirements. If you are not currently enrolled in college (but have at least a high school diploma) please indicate why you are interested in the position. Internships are unpaid and for a predetermined amount of time. There is an application and interview process before selecting an intern.