Negatives can be Positive - Own Your Negatives

Want your original Campbell Salgado film negatives? We’re cleaning out film prior to October 2004 from storage, and making them available for purchase.

For a flat fee of $250, eligible clients can own ALL of their film-based photo sessions, and be allowed limited usage rights to print or digitize photos for personal use. Just to be clear, you get the negatives! Scan them, make desktop wallpapers, freely send prints to family, the choice is yours. This opportunity extends to all Campbell Salgado clients, so be sure to spread the news. Contact us for more details.

NOTE: Reorders of high-quality, archival prints can be made from these film-based photo negatives until June 1, 2009, after which they will no longer be available for viewing or ordering.

  • We can not guarantee availability of every negative. Condition will be verified at your request.
  • Limited usage rights restricts resale or licensing of images. Campbell Salgado Studio will continue to maintain copyright and all commercial rights.
  • Shipping and handling is not included. Will-call is an option for local clients.
  • Additional Services: Digitization is available for $15 per scanned negative and reprints are available at 50% off until June 1, 2009 when you’ve purchased your negatives.