Mother's Wit & Wisdom


Best advice we got was to enjoy every moment ... wherever you are - whatever the age, happy moment, challenge - just enjoy it. It's worked wonders for me as a mama ... ~ Tabitha

My son is 9 1/2 months old. My husband and I are both full-time students and my husband also works part-time so our life is very full. My mama wisdom would be then: It is never what you think it will be and you will do things you that you say you would never do as a mother. I insisted that my baby would only wear cloth, never touch plastic, and be held every moment and never cry. If only life were so perfect! Motherhood takes compromise and all that matters is the precious moments when they smile or hug you or say "mama" for the first time! ~ Megan Catherine

Like another momma bear said..."It's about the journey ...not the destination." Let's create excellent humans first. Kind and brave. The rest is just cake. And on a practical note...loofa the nips. Gotta get um in fighting shape. Or biting shape. Whatever suits the mood. ~ Tami

Mama wisdom: Trust your gut! ♥ If something feels right for your family, it probably is (and vice versa!). ~ Carrie

Mama wisdom: Don't feel bad if you're not in motherly bliss the first year. Being a new mom, especially to a high needs baby, is hard. Don't feel bad if you don't feel like the luckiest person or if it's not magical. Know that you are doing the best you can and it will get easier, more rewarding and fun. ~ Shar  

Mama Wisdom to share: Many people will give you advice, there are many books out there to watch but it took me quite a few years to realize (truly realize-in my gut) that I knew better than anyone what the right choices for my children and my family were. It wasn't easy, but once I really understood to trust my instincts it was easier.  ~ Kelli

Mama Wisdom: When things are tough, always remember that this, too, shall pass - think of the future and all there is to come. When things are amazing, always remember that this, too, shall pass - cherish each moment and memory as they pass. Oh, and eat lots of chocolate. ~ Emily

Here is the best advice I ever got on parenting. It came from one of my clients Care Givers Placement Agency, Inc. : never combine tired and hungry. I've tried to stick to those words of wisdom and it sure makes for happier days. ~ Sharyn  

My best motherly advice: don't underestimate the importance of nap time, for you as well as your baby. Take time to enjoy the sweetness of a sleeping baby and that precious cuddle time. Most importantly, take time for yourself! ~ Kristin

After becoming a mom I learned that you should never say you will "never" let your child _____. Nothing is black and white :) would love to win the custom photo book!! ~ Jamilyn  

Always know you're a mother first but ultimately you're also the expert doctor who treats all ailments that arise! Never forget that when faced with any decision or when advocating for your child's well being. Salud! ~ Benita

I completely relate to the other mom's comments, especialy the public tantrums, crying with your baby in the middle of the night wondering if you're doing anything right, and how quickly time passes. My kids are now 2 and 4 and I tend to struggle with managing the chaos that sometimes ensues at dinner time and bed time. I want control and compliance and I get frustrated and angry because that is rarely (never) what I get. My sister recently gave me a quote that speaks to me about mothering:


It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. (author unknown)

When I start to feel frantic or like I'm losing control of the house, I read this quote. It seems to bring me back to center so I can regroup emotionally. ~ Jeanine  

A little mothering advice... your family is perfect as long as you are happy together! You are the perfect mommy for your children and will intuitively know what is best. ~ Michelle

My daughter will be 2 years old this weekend, and boy has the time flown. I sure wish I would have listened to everyone when they said it would go by so quickly. My daughter has red hair and the fiery personality that goes with it! She loves Elmo and has been watching Elmo's Potty Time video ALOT lately. Hopefully that means potty training will be right around the corner. Her favorite thing to do is dance to the songs. Just the other day I saw her shaking (and smacking) her booty as she danced to the video. I had to laugh out loud! In all her moods, I love the silliness the best. She brings such joy to my life and our family wouldn't be complete without her! ~ Mary

Here is my $0.02....for what it's worth.

As a Mother to two very unexpected boys (we were told we could not have children) ages 3 years and 8 months I found myself at a complete loss leaving the hospital for the first time. I had so many fears of doing anything everything wrong. I sought advice from books, parents, friends, Facebook (lol) and whoever would listen.

I quickly learned that this baby was ours and he didn't fit anyone else's mold. It was my job to mold him into a great little boy who would become an amazing man. We taught each other so many beautiful lessons that only a mother and child can do.

So take the advise solicited or not with a smile and go with your gut and heart. Learn from each other. I think my boys have taught me more about myself and how to be a good Momma than I have ever taught them. ~ Catherine  

I have a three year old boy and a 1 1/2 year old girl this is my story of the joys of parenting! Last week I decided my son was mature enough for swimming lessons, wrong again, after an very trying 15 minutes of my son running off and jumping in the deep end (really ) I decided to pick up my son and do the walk of shame in front of all the other parents! On top of that my son was very upset we were leaving so there was lots of screaming and kicking. When we finally made it to the car I was so upset I took my son to my husbands work, I didn't want to look at him. After a cool down period for both of us I realized I was never going in public again with my children! LOL but also that children r not mature, sophisticated, polite beings, there children with their own vocabulary and their own way of learning. ~ Yvonne

No two babies are alike, do whatever works best for YOUR baby ~ Carrie

Things I wish someone had told me, but what I now tell other mamas: when your baby is crying for the 3rd time @ 4am, it's ok to cry with them-everybody does it, that you are not alone in not knowing what you are doing or if what you are doing is the right thing, and that being a mom is THE hardest job you'll ever have, but pays the most by far. all good things to share. and a free photo book for mama's day would be most wonderful as well. ~ Amy

Mama Wisdom: When things are tough, always remember that this, too, shall pass - think of the future and all there is to come. When things are amazing, always remember that this, too, shall pass - cherish each moment and memory as they pass. Oh, and eat lots of chocolate. ~ Emily

As a mother of twins, life changed in an instant and was full steam ahead. They say two for one, but I can assure you the doctor charged for two births, we had two cribs, two bouncy chairs and nine million diapers. There was no deal on two at once at least not financially, but the journey has been wild and wonderful and I have two lovely children. My words of wisdom to any new mother is don't sweat the small stuff. Don't worry if the mother down the block is making their baby's food from scratch and all you can do is get to the store.. 

My favorite story to tell is a Christmas story. My husband travels a lot and this holiday season was no different. The twins were about 7 months old. I was up stairs putting them to bed, reading stories, giving bottles, changing diapers, you know the usual. We had a routine by then and I had no sooner put their sleepy little bodies in their cribs when suddenly there was a burst of Christmas cheer and singing directly outside the window. In a furry of stress and disbelief, and not remembering being caroled to in years, I flew down the stairs and in a crazed manner told the carolers to be quiet! As I opened the door the lovely sounds and smiling faces slowly turned to shock and disbelief as they sung their last note and turned to leave. I was quickly pronounced crazy person of the year. I closed the door and went back to trying to put two 7 month olds to bed.

My advice is get a babysitter as soon as possible and go out. Get them use to you taking a break. Also take your child, or in my case children out and expose them early to eating out and going places. They learned early on to enjoy these things, which allowed my husband and I to get out and do the things we enjoyed doing.

 There is nothing better then being a mother. ~ Katy

Mama wisdom to share: You will not regret all the attention you gave to your kids, but you might regret the way you treated yourself. Be good to everyone in your family...yourself included. ~ Kimberly

To new and expecting mothers everywhere: My son is about to hit his 3 month mark. I had an immensely hard pregnancy but one of the most important things that I've learned through everything so far, is that no matter what, never doubt that you'll be a wonderful mother because every time you hear your baby's heart beat, see that ultrasound and the first time you hold him/her, the butterflies you feel, the feeling of your heart falling into your stomach and tears welling up in your eyes and the feeling that you can't breathe or blink because you'll miss something important.. that's love. That's the one thing you can't fake.. That's the one thing that gives true meaning to the title " MOM." Giving birth is the meaning of life, it's the greatest thing any woman in the world can do. Even if it's surrogacy and having a baby for another person.. You're doing or you've done exactly what you were meant to do on this Earth. You are the very reason man lives on. I had a LOT of time to think about everything during my pregnancy, while on bed rest for 3 months.. Every fiber of my being believes in this. So should you. Because you ARE the definition of love, loyalty & most importantly, life. ~ Bella-Ezmerelda

To new moms out there: throw away all the advice books and articles from experts. Do what your heart and child guide you to do! ~ Annette  

It's about the journey, not the destination… ~ Casey

As a mom of a newborn and a two-year old, my wisdom is twofold -- you can only take care of others if you're taking care of yourself.  Otherwise, you're no good to anybody.  And as long as you act in love and kindness, the right thing will follow. ~ Jacinta

My son is almost a year old and I am in absolute amazement of the ways that he has changed in a years time! They say it goes by fast and they aren't lying... I sure hope I win one of these custom photo albums to help capture these precious moments! ~ Jessica

Happy Mother's Day to all the wise and wonderful mamas who exist on the planet!

Our winner of the custom photo book is Sharyn Marcuson.  Congratulations Sharyn.