Kim Unveils El Corazon Series


Since 2007, Kim's been creating a collection of exquisitely crafted, deep, dark, fairy-tale-like images that use children as the model and vehicle for visual story telling. The series is called 'El Corazón' and in Spanish means 'The Heart'. 

On Wednesday, November 2nd, Kim is exhibiting a selection of this personal work for a one-night only event at the Old Portland Hardware & Architectural shop on 41st and Division. It's a natural fit for Kim's love of vintage costumery, curious props and evocative spaces.

Make a date on the 'Day of the Dead' and head on over between 6 - 9 pm for a missionary chocolate, a game of Lotería, or simply peruse down the aisles of the coolest antique architectural spot in town and get the first peek at Kim's award-winning fine-art photography up close and in person.

Wondering if Kim will turn your child into a work of art? Find out more about commissioning an El Corazón portrait of your child, ages 5 - 12 years, here. If you'd like to view Kim's website for more El Corazón portraits check out