Introducing... Laurie!

We are extremely delighted to introduce the newest member of the  Campbell Salgado team, Laurie Vella!  Laurie came to us at the beginning  of this month to replace Leah.  And although this was a hard position to replace, Laurie is doing a  fantastic job stepping into the role of reviews and sales.  So the next  time you need to review your photos with us, you’ll be meeting the  fabulous Laurie, and we promise that you are going to love her almost as  much as we do!

To give Laurie the full Campbell Salgado treatment, we invited her  and her adorable family into the studio for a full on photo session!  We  realized that in order for someone to really understand the magic  behind our photos, they would have to experience it themselves.  And so,  on a drizzly Portland day, in they came!  Pictured below is Laurie’s  husband, Jesse, and their three tow-headed beauties Lawson, Luca &  Jack.  You’ll also see that we were excited to document each kid in our  new favorite silhouette style.  Welcome to the Campbell Salgado family,  Laurie!