How to Hang Photo Arrangements

This is an all too common scenario: You’ve laid out your photos and wall hangings into the perfect arrangement on the floor before putting that first nail in the wall. You’ve readjusted and measured your frames and everything looks perfect, right? But then you go to hang your perfect arrangement on the wall and it seems…eh…uneven, or maybe even crooked? Yikes! Well, finally here is a good solution thanks to the folks over at Apartment Therapy. Check out photos of the process.

  1. Lay out some wrapping paper or large enough scrap or contact paper.
  2. Go to town and work up that perfect photo arrangement by laying the frames on the wrapping paper.
  3. Once you have your arrangement figured out, trace the outlines of the frames and make note of where the hanger on the frame actually is.
  4. Tape your wrapping paper to the wall where your photos will hang.
  5. Hang away! Now you have a reference points where you can put your nails.
  6. Once you have your frames hung, you can easily take the paper down. Easy as pie!