How to get flattering holiday pics this year.

Over the last 14 years we have found a number of ways to minimize the most common figure concerns that folks often have in portraits. Here are a few tips that should have you jumping into lots of holiday photos this season.

First, when you smile, think of someone you love. Picture them in your mind and imagine them standing right by the camera. It makes your grin ring true.

Look slimmer by simply leaning forward with your head and neck stuck out ‘like a turtle’. Pretend you’re leaning forward trying to hear what the the picture taker is saying. Feels weird but trust us, it looks good.

To downplay a tummy, just tuck a child or pet onto your lap. Or step behind someone (this works best if the person is shorter or sitting down) to let their body provide some coverage to your. Be sure to really lean forward over that person and you’re now working two slimming effects at once.

Did we mention arms? Try to create the most sculptural look to your arms by having your arms bent at the elbows and pulled back behind you, bringing your hands up to waist level. This pulls your shoulders back too for even better posture. If you have any concerns about what your bare arms look like just wear long sleeved shirts.

Choose clothes that you feel good in and others have complimented before. Darker tones like browns and blacks tend to be the most slimming.

Lastly, ask your photog friend, partner, co-worker to “pretty please crop with the camera”. Often times zooming in on faces removes distractions like wrapping paper, unwashed dishes and more…leaving the focus on what’s most important your family.

Here’s to lots of clicking cameras this holiday! Best wishes from the photogs at Campbell Salgado Studio.