Hanging Photos in Stairways

Families are often looking for creative ways to hang their portraits around the home. Stairways have traditionally been used throughout the years as a way to enjoy generations of photos as you pass through your home. We are often asked about interesting ways to display photos in a stairwell. One of our favorite layouts is to group random sizes and frames together en masse to create a single work of art. You can see samples here.

We recommend trying your layout on the floor next to where you plan to be working. Then start with the middle photo, hang it and then start butting up the next picture frames to the left and right.

One of our clients, Flavia mounted her daughter Camilla’s first year series in the empty space above their landing. By hanging symetrically she was able to create a dynamic grid-like pattern that treats the multiple photos as a single art piece. It can be viewed from below upon entering the house and then the family can enjoy it on the second level too.