Earth-friendly Thinking: Part I

In part one of our “green thinking” series, we lightly cover what matters most to our clients: the products they take home

Thinking “green” is not a cliché, and will never be even if people grow tired of hearing about it. In fact, we can not talk about it enough. We want you to know how Campbell Salgado Studio is making an effort to incorporate eco-conscious materials into our products.

Our biggest “green” change began with the switch to high-end digital photography in 2004. Unlike traditional darkroom photography, the digital process is free from all toxic chemicals and metals.

We use only Crescent Cotton RagMats, one of the highest-quality matboards available. These archival-quality mattes are acid-free and made from 100% recycled, annually-renewable natural cotton.

Almost our entire inventory of frames are provided by Roma Moulding, and handcrafted in Italy. Roma’s mouldings are free of lead contaminants, certified by the FSC, and shipped in 100-percent biodegradable packaging.