Do you remember when...

a package arrived in the mail with your name on it. How exciting it was to discover something special was soon to be yours. Tamaio received his first gift in the mail from his Grandpa Davis this week. It came bundled up from Amazon and I quickly wrapped it so he could admire it. Now maybe my wrapping leaves something to be desired or Tamaio’s imagination simply flourished when shaking that plainly wrapped box but before I knew it he had taken out a Sharpie and drawn the front and back of a person on this long box. He begged me to tell him what was inside it. He shook it, talked to it and eventually took it to bed after putting a pajama shirt on the Mr. Box along with a sleep mask. What a treat it is to watch the wonder of the holidays through our children’s eyes.

Kim Campbell

Photographer, Portland, OR, USA