Bridgepedal Views - Breathtaking

On Sunday we straddled our bikes and joined over 18,000 other enthusiasts for the Providence Bridge Pedal's 6 Bridge ride. Mind you each bike rider on our team had a few minor bike and body complaints to begin with. So we made sure to stock up on ibuprofen, band aids and water. Not to be forgotten - a camera in the bike basket. Kim's caveat is always 'I'll catch up to you...' whenever there are interesting picture opportunities around and Sunday's ride there were aplenty. From the gorgeous red patterning on the Broadway, the bubble blowing bicyclers, the industrial and downtown streets capes to the triumphant crest on the Fremont Bridge. It was a fine heart-pumping, community-building good time. Which we were able to debrief and share with each other over pancakes at Sanborns. This is sure to be a continuing tradition.

Kim CampbellComment