Brand New Babes

I’m often asked by soon-to-be parents, when should we bring in our baby for pictures?

What we have found from photographing hundreds of newborn babies is that there is a very sweet little window – the first two weeks – that begs for portraiture. Here is why.

A mellow baby makes for mellow parents. The temperament of a just born baby with a belly full of milk is most often sleepy. We always schedule enough time that if a feeding or two is necessary during the appointment parents will not feel rushed.

Clear skin is another reason; baby acne usually kicks in around three to four weeks. A few spots are easily retouched but a constellation can be challenging and expensive to remove.

Lastly, size. This itty bitty little baby is going to be growing so fast this first year. This is the one chance to capture a most delicate beginning. A tiny hand wrapped around a papas finger. Little feet tucked between an older siblings. The innocent gaze of a child entering the world can take your breath away.

Some of our most memorable sessions are with days old babies.