And the winner is...

Choosing best costume from the brigade of critters that passed in front of our lens was no easy task. When we saw Max roll into our studio, our hearts went pitter pat. Learning from mom Sheen that Max had his mind set on being a recycling truck tickled us to no end. A child who is into recycling and taking care of the planet…how wonderful. This was clearly the staff favorite for concept, design and execution, and it also aligns with our own eco-friendly beliefs as a business. So Max will be receiving a generous bag of tokens for Staccato Gelato and a gift certificate to use at Campbell Salgado Studio for some photos without a truck around his waist.

Our runner-up and definite facebook favorite for gorgeous costumery and elegant craftsmanship is Greydon the Goose. Did you know that his “Goose Food” bag was filled with candy. That was a nice touch that mom Carrie added. They’ll receive a gift certificate for a complimentary photo session with us.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated! There were so many wonderful costumes that it made our decision very difficult this year.