A Love Story for Mom


I've been dealing with cancer and chemotherapy for the last four years.  While I can't say I'm glad I have cancer, there have been several benefits.  It has brought my family closer together.  It has taught me how to love them better.  I am keenly aware of what is most important to me.  I let the love for my family guide my actions much more so now.  When I found out I would be receiving yet another round of chemo that would result it loosing my hair, I decided it was time for some family photographs.   

I told my 10 year old daughter I would have to start some new chemo soon.  She asked me: Are you going to die?  I said no.  She then asked me: Are you going to die sooner than if you never had cancer?  I told her yes, probably so.  We talked about it for a long while, then she made me this card:

Your LIFE card


Dear Mom,

Your LIFE is fascinating, You're:

Stupendous, your LIFE is good

Terrific, your LIFE is rad

Awesome, your LIFE has hope

Cool, your LIFE has adventure

Your LIFE means a lot to me.

I'll do everything I can to help you.

I know that someday you won't be with us any more,

but I will make the best of it while you are still here.  

I love you no matter what.  

but, your still you!  You're my Mom and the best one!

An expression of pure love.  Family. There is no greater love.