A Love Story for Mom


I've been dealing with cancer and chemotherapy for the last four years.  While I can't say I'm glad I have cancer, there have been several benefits.  It has brought my family closer together.  It has taught me how to love them better.  I am keenly aware of what is most important to me.  I let the love for my family guide my actions much more so now.  When I found out I would be receiving yet another round of chemo that would result it loosing my hair, I decided it was time for some family photographs.   

I told my 10 year old daughter I would have to start some new chemo soon.  She asked me: Are you going to die?  I said no.  She then asked me: Are you going to die sooner than if you never had cancer?  I told her yes, probably so.  We talked about it for a long while, then she made me this card:

Your LIFE card


Dear Mom,

Your LIFE is fascinating, You're:

Stupendous, your LIFE is good

Terrific, your LIFE is rad

Awesome, your LIFE has hope

Cool, your LIFE has adventure

Your LIFE means a lot to me.

I'll do everything I can to help you.

I know that someday you won't be with us any more,

but I will make the best of it while you are still here.  

I love you no matter what.  

but, your still you!  You're my Mom and the best one!

An expression of pure love.  Family. There is no greater love.


Kim Campbell

Photographer, Portland, OR, USA