Our Top iphone Photo Apps

Ever wonder what outside-the-box tools are in a professional photographer’s kit? For us, an iphone camera comes in handy in a pinch and it’s fun to play with too. Here are some of the top iphone apps for photographers Kim and Francisco.

A few months ago an app was introduced to allow people to easily share photos via instagram. Think image making meets social networking. It’s for folks who prefer to see the world in pictures rather than words. Funky filters elevate shots from ho-hum to yowza and you can follow iphone photographers anywhere in the world. Once installed you can follow Kim Campbell’s eclectic stream of images @elcorazon on your “instagram app.”

Before instagram our go-to app for personal iphone photography was CameraBag. It has all kinds of cool filters to jazz up your iphone pics and the Helga filter is a favorite.

Love the look of an image that has areas in sharp focus and soft focus? You used to require an old-fashioned view camera or expensive tilt shift lens. Now the TiltShiftGenerator app let’s you play with depth of field and focus in on that sweet spot.

QuadCamera takes over your camera and shoots a rapid-fire series of photographs. The outcome is unpredictable and that’s most of the fun. Kim took this series of Tamaio on the merry-go-round at the park and then he shot the same of her. It’s better than the prize in the cracker jack box.

For moody photographs try CinemaFX’s range of cinematic-style filters. This self-portrait of Kim and Tamaio was taken using the Spartan Sepia filter in mid-flight coming home from Mexico last year.

The Hipstamatic app has been a real sweetheart of 2010. It looks like an old school camera that let’s you swap out film, play with toy camera styles and add gel packs to sweeten the deal. Set it on random and you can just let the camera surprise you. Warning – not for the faint hearted. Minneapolis here we come.

Finally, when we need to pass some time or feel a little goofy FacesWild is the app we pull up. Insert a face into a scene or onto a different body – it’s always good for a giggle.

Not an iphone user? Verizon just made it easier to join the club.