Have Camera Will Hike

We are always game for exploring new places around Portland. Daytripping is an especially beloved activity of our family. We discovered the Lacamas park in Camas, WA a couple of weeks ago.

The hiking was amazing. A little less than 3 miles round trip. Lush, shaded and dotted with huckleberry bushes on the way up to the Lower Falls.

Up by the lake there is hidden gem, known mainly to the high-flying youngsters called the Potholes.

While we soaked in the swimming holes fed by the Lacamas lake. Kids were jumping off cliffs into deep pools below. It was a fun spectacle for us to watch, especially since it wasn’t our little peeps doing it. The pools were relaxing and just the right temperature for a hot day.

The Washington gentlemen who talked with us in the parking lot said that this park is ‘top secret’ especially to Oregonians. So shhhhhhhh…..