Daytripping Through the Gorge

Whenever we can get away to explore the richness of living in Portland we jump in our car and head out. One of our favorite spots is the Columbia River Gorge. The other day, Kim called a friend, scooped up her boy, a camera, and headed out.

View of the Columbia River Gorge from the bluff in White Salmon looking West down the river towards Hood River
This is the view from the bluff above white salmon looking west down the Gorge. The city is Hood River. What we love especially about this view is that it changes so rapidly as the weather moves down through the Columbia Gorge.

three boys in a barn one is riding a zipline
In White Salmon the kids discovered a zip line. I’ve never seen three boys more blissed out than when getting their turn to careen down a thin wire into a hay bale.

vintage electric car with boy standing next to it
Check out this electric car we discovered when we stopped to watch wind surfers close to Bingen. This ride looks seriously vintage and uber special to the individual that gets to call it their ride.

Nine-year old boy in a University of Oregon t-shirt leaning against an old red barn.
As a portrait photographers, we can’t help but notice amazing backgrounds out in the world and we certainly can’t resist taking a child’s portrait in front of one. This kind of weathered painting is just not something easily reproduced with artistic painting techniques but Kim would sure like to try.

A boy wearing a purple shirt swings on a rope swing from a very tall tree
Imagine a swing hung from a towering tree…the arc is magical and magnetic. Tamaio couldn’t get enough time swinging in circles.

The end of the day involved a good book and a glass of hot cocoa. You can see Mt. Hood through the window if you look close. A reading nook with a view. Divine.