Holiday Home Tour Friday

So we’ve been busy rounding up our dust bunnies and polishing up the great grins that adorn our walls for the Duniway Holiday Home Tour Friday, December 3, 2010. Do you have your ticket to this neighborly event? If not, you can pick them up at a whole bunch of local places or even order them online – more details can be found here.

It’s not often a live / work space is on the Duniway Holiday Home Tour and that’s why we think this will be a special treat for the ticket holders. Kim Campbell and Francisco Salgado of Campbell Salgado Studio are truly a Mom and Pop shop with their boutique photography studio downstairs and their living spaces upstairs.

drawing of Campbell Salgado Studio

This amazing drawing was created by 4th grader Camille M. at Duniway Elementary. We couldn’t get over the detail and accuracy of this rendition of our space. Truly a gift. Thanks Camille!