17 Years is SPECIAL


Wow another year has flown by and we are stepping into our 17th year in business. When we opened our photo studio in 1995 we never imagined that we'd be turning our passion into real work (or play) that feeds us. We remember the first time a baby peed on our camera just like it was yesterday. The tender, funny and unexpected moments we've been a part of are simply priceless.

In this unpredictable economy we consider it a huge triumph that we've been able to stay afloat in challenging times and want to thank our clients for continuing to see the value of a well-crafted portrait for their homes. We are pleased to continue offering outstanding customer experiences into 2012 and beyond.

How are we celebrating? Well we thought it would be fun to tell LOVE stories to start off the year. Francisco and Kim are prepared to pass along some significant discounts for those willing to play along and shout their love from the rooftops. Your thoughtful paragraph will be paired with one of your newly-taken portraits in our blog during January and February. Interested? Find out how to turn your love story into a $100 discount here.

Want some inspiration? Read Kim's love letter to Francisco here and Francisco's in return. Ahhhhhh.....

Then we are taking off for New Orleans for the annual PPA (Professional Photographers of America) conference. Please send along your restaurant and photo location suggestions ASAP. 

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