15 Years of Love and Kindness

How do you acknowledge sharing a life with someone for 15 years?

Francisco and I were married on the Greek island of Kimolos 15 years ago. Last Saturday, he managed to hide 15 presents throughout our house for me to discover on our anniversary! From a bottle of rum & coke (our wedding drink) to a giggling, ducky key chain (Tamaio’s pick), each gift had a personal meaning. It was a sweet gesture and put a smile on my face throughout the day while he was at the studio photographing families.

Over dinner, I broke out our journal from our European trip and read him bits of entries. It’s amazing how the memories come flooding back with the trigger of a few words. Since we had written our vows in the same journal, we read them to each other over dinner. Aahhhh, sound romantic? It really was very romantic!

This is our engagement photo from 15 years ago. Francisco proposed four months after we had our first date: practically love at first sight!