A Dozen Top Tips for Dressing for a Maternity Portrait

You are feeling an expectant anticipation for your photo session? What to bring? How to remember this unique time. If you choose to do nudes or semi-nudes then the main thing you'll want to remember is to

Need color inspiration for your clothes? Check out our backgrounds. We've included sample color combinations in front of each and every one.

Here are some thoughts about what to consider bringing.

Embrace Textures

Light loves texture and cameras love light. So be good to your photographer and bring some textured pieces.

Coordinate 'Em

Don't match your clothes. Instead, coordinate them for a cohesive look. Pick 3-4 colors and spread them through everyone's clothes.


Have fun!

We've had all kinds of playful ideas from bunny costumes to luchadore masks.


Smart Color

Know the colors of your background? Coordinate with it for a well-thought-out editorial look. Or incorporate baby's colors.

Rockin' Skin

Choose your prettiest bras, panties, boy shorts or just go nude. We'll carefully pose you to keep your nudes as tastefully modest or revealing as you like.

Be significant

Incorporate parts of your love story into your photo with props.

Form Fitting Clothes

Choose options that hug the body in a variety of colors besides black. Snugger options will highlight your bump!

Bring Fabric Options

Have some fun wide pieces of fabric, shawls or scarves bring those along. We've got pieces here as well but we are happy to incorporate yours.

Lovin' on Jeans

Oxfords, blue jeans, khakis. Those all stand the test of time and will work great in a picture.