A Dozen Top Tips for Dressing for a Portrait

hat to wear for your upcoming photo shoot? Here are a few tips that have proven successful for other folks. If this is for a business portrait dress in line with what's work appropriate. If you can spice it up with some jewelry, scarf, cool tie that's a good way to throw in some personality.

Need color inspiration for your clothes? Check out our backgrounds. We've included sample color combinations in front of each and every one.

Here are some thoughts about what to consider bringing.

Embrace Textures

Light loves texture and cameras love light. So be good to your photographer and bring some textured pieces.

Black & White Tips

Medium tones + texture are great against black. Flattering clothes will be darker than skin tones.

Break Out the Iron

We know—it's a pain—but it makes a big difference in making your portraits perfect.

Sleeves + Necklines

For most people a 3/4 or longer sleeve is the most flattering. Avoid low cut shirts and instead choose flattering necklines.


Go Classic

Oxfords, crisp blouses, khakis. Those all stand the test of time and will work great in a picture.

Pick Your Best Colors

You know what colors flatter you best. Bring those along to your shoot. If you are coordinating with a website design color palette bring colors that match.


Play with Patterns

Don't shy away from patterns as they can add a little sparkle of personality. A shirt with a print under a jacket can speak to an artistic aesthetic style.

Smart Color

Know the colors of your background? Coordinate with it for a sassy editorial look.