A Dozen Top Tips for Dressing for a Family Portrait

Your photo session is around the corner. You've peeked into closets and need to figure out what's left to pick up to pull the family's clothes together.

Need color inspiration for your clothes? Check out our backgrounds. We've included sample color combinations in front of each and every one.

Coordinate 'Em

Don't match your clothes. Instead, coordinate them for a cohesive look. Pick 3-4 colors and spread them through everyone's clothes.

Don't Forget Feet

If you're not planning bare tootsies then make sure you've brought coordinated shoes for your family's feet.

Longer Sleeves?

Love your arms? Then go for shorter sleeves. Not so much? Wear 3/4 or longer sleeves.

Wrinkle Free

We know—it's a pain—but bust out the iron, it makes a big difference in making your portraits perfect.


Make Sure it Fits

Make sure clothes aren't too snug or baggy around the tummy and that kid's haven't outgrown their pant or shirt sleeve lengths.


Play with Patterns

Don't shy away from patterns. Consider sprinkling them in—especially on kids—for a little pizazz.

Be Playful

Have fun with clothes and make sure they reflect your family's personal style.

Black & White Tips

Medium tones + texture are great against black. Flattering clothes will be darker than skin tones.

Embrace Textures

Light loves texture and cameras love light. So be good to your photographer and bring some textured pieces.

Stay Seasonal

Keep everyone's clothes in the same season. In other words, don't mix sundresses and sweaters.

Smart Color

Know the colors of your background? Coordinate with it for a sassy editorial look.

Go Classic

Oxfords, blue jeans, khakis. Those all stand the test of time and will work great in a picture.