A Dozen Top Tips for Dressing for a Baby Portrait

Time is flying and now your photo session is almost upon you. What to wear? Here are a few tips that have proven successful for other new families.

Need color inspiration for your clothes? Check out our backgrounds. We've included sample color combinations in front of each and every one. Your new baby will be the star of this show so dressing in neutral colors and simple, soft clothes tends to work best.

Here are some great tips that others to get you started.

Embrace Textures

Light loves texture and cameras love light. So be good to your photographer and bring some textured pieces.

Longer Sleeves?

Love your arms? Then go for shorter sleeves. Not so much? Wear 3/4 or longer sleeves. A shorter sleeve or tank will convey a more intimate, skin-on-skin feeling too.

Bust Out the Iron

We know—it's a pain—but it makes a big difference in making your portraits perfect.

Make Sure it Fits

Make sure clothes aren't too snug across your postpartum tummy but on that note don't wear your maternity clothes that are too loose now.

Smart Color

Know the colors of your background? Coordinate with it for a sassy editorial look.

Celebrate Nudies

Roley poly curves, delicate porcelain skin and super sweet bodies command our adoration.

Black & White Tips

Medium tones + texture are great against black. Flattering clothes will be darker than skin tones.

Coordinate 'Em

Don't match your clothes. Instead, coordinate parents and siblings for a cohesive look. Pick 3-4 colors and spread them through everyone's clothes, keeping in mind that the baby may be naked or in very simple clothes like a onesie.

Smart Neutrals

Expressions pop with a lovely neutral color scheme.

Play with Patterns

They're fun! Consider sprinkling them in for a little pizazz.