Devin is a 16 year old dancer with a striking style and beautiful smile. We really enjoyed this fun and individualised session and have been photographing Devin since she was a little girl. Highlighting our client's talents is what we aim to do. Beautiful shots Devin!


Max & Leo

We have seen these twin cuties in quite a while.  In fact, last time we saw them, Max and Leo were only 3 years old. Now quite grown up at 8, we were pleased to see these two are still best of friends. Mom and dad Vanessa and Aaron are clearly very lucky and proud parents.


Kandie, Paula & Monique

We had the pleasure of meeting this fun trio last week for a family and senior portrait session. Kandie and Paula's little sweetie Monique isn't so little anymore and they wanted to capture some special moments with the three of them together before she leaves the nest. We think we did just that. Enjoy!


Isaac + Ebin

We love sessions with multiple generations of a family. This one even included a pooch! We really enjoyed meeting Jessica, her two handsome boys Isaac and Ebin and her wonderful parents Michael and Kathryn. We love they love these shots as much as we do!