Amy's Boys

Amy is surrounded by beautiful boys. Included in that statement is handsome hubby Ned, their silly boys Desmond and Rowan and 4 year old pooch Theo. I'd say she has her hands full of love. We hope they like these shots.


Aadit & Aastha

Wow, 8 month old Aadit is about as cute as kids come. He has such a sparkle when he smiles! We love the sweet interaction between him and 10 year old sister Aastha. We were so pleased to meet this whole family, who are somewhat new to Oregon after living in Arizona for 14 years and hope they adore these photos.


Gwen's Tribe

Gerard and Clara have a pretty great family. Grandma Gerry lives with them so they get as much grandma-time as any kid could want and mom and dad, Gwen and Ryan are totally fun, silly parents. We think these shots are sweet and pretty representative of their little tribe.


Joshua, the Cuddle Bug

Joshua was just barely a month old at this session and man, what a sweet little cuddler this guy was. He was full of snuggles for grandma Janet and his mom and dad, Amanda and Jeff. We were so smitten with this little guy and we can see that his family is also.