Eight is Great!

Whit is the third in line for a great family tradition. Each child in his family has had a beautiful portrait taken at their Baptism at eight. This special tradition was started with his older sister and in each new state the family has lived in, they’ve found a photographer to carry on the tradition.

Katie's Tribe

Katie and her three best guys have returned to CSS for some updated family shots. It’s been about 5 years and wow, those boys have grown! We’re happy to see that Jonas and Gus are keeping Katie and Paul on their toes. No shortage of smiles and laughter so all seems well.


Owen & Lena

Bro and sis duo Owen and Lena joined us last weekend for some teen centered portraits for mom and dad. Owen is a senior this year and Lena is a freshman so it’s their one and only year of high school together. Let’s hope they make the most of it. Have a good year!


Three Boys

This is a familiar scenario for us at CSS- one strong woman surrounded by men of various ages. Meet Christine and her guys- hubby Kevin and boys, Miles, Kai and Nico. There was a lot of silliness and energy at this session which we find adds a lot of authenticity to family portraits. We’re hope they like these shots.