Garden Girls

Family portrait at Campbell Salgado Studio

Eleven years ago Sanjna and Adrian visited us for pregnancy portraits when Ava was in mom's belly. It's always a blast from the past to fast forward ten years and see how their family has grown to include Audrey too! Wanting something unique and contemporary to capture her gorgeous girls mom chose our El Corazon™ line with a few Original Portraits™ family photos. Cause hey, it's great to grab the whole gang together too.


Bernadette's Babes

Well these two aren't little kids anymore are they? We've known Bernadette, Gali and Sasha for a long time now. Gali is now 17 years and a senior in high school. Sasha is 14 and looking more like a teen than we can believe. And although they are no longer little, these two will always be Bernadette's babes.


Christen's Guys

We had the pleasure of meeting Christen, her hubby Sam and teenage son Ethan last weekend. We just adore that Ethan was still so cool and smiley in front of the camera despite being a young teen. They were such a sweet trio and we love these shots.



We had three lovely generations at this session. Meet Billie and Raymond, parents to Andrew and Jim and grandparents to 24 year old James and 4 year old Gabrielle and let's not forget the beautiful mamas, Gabrielle's mama Tamara and James' mom Cheryl. We love the energy in these shots and such great color choices for clothing!