We were so pleased to photograph Lindsay with her husband and son, Andrew and Drew this past weekend. We first met Lindsay and Drew six months ago for some product photography for Lindsay's new business venture. It's so nice to have her back in a more personal manner.


Claire + Henry

We haven't seen these two cuties in about a year and my goodness, how they have grown. We are obsessed with the action shot of Claire below and have to agree with mom, Carey's statement when she said, "the bigger the bow, the better the day". Touche!


Austin & Corbin

Amanda and Justin sure have some adorable little boys. Austin and Corbin are only two years apart in age and certainly seem to be the best of friends. We love these sweet shots!


Darlene + Dan

Married in 1982, Darlene and Dan have been meaning to take a portrait together for a while now. Well Darlene up and made the call and got things rolling last week and it's happened! Darlene was full of smiles as she teased some good ones out of her lovely husband Dan. It's great to see two people cherish each other like they do.