Gregory and Mira

Barrett and Tom have some little cuties. 7 year old Gregory and 4 year old Mira seem to really have a strong connection. We love how close this family is and their smiling faces at their first ever family photo session remind us of why we started shooting portraits in the first place.


The Three Amigos

Brandon, Dalton and Gavin are back! It’s only been a couple of years since we’ve seen this charismatic trio. We were happy to capture these boys doing what the do best- playing. We hope mom and dad, Karyn and Brandon love these shots.


Family Time

We love big family gatherings and big family portraits- the more, the crazier, the better. We welcomed Wilfred and Connie’s big, extended brood to the studio a few weeks back. They were joined by their three adult kids, their three spouses and five grandchildren. It was fun and we got some great shots that we hope they will all enjoy.