Troy & the Cowgirls

This was our first session with this cute family. Meet Mara and Troy and their three daughters Ayla, June and Tessa. They were a pretty sweet family to photograph... smiles and laughter came easily, the girls were as silly as can be and cowboy boots make every session better.  ;) 


11 Years Later...

It's only been 11 years since we've seen this family and wow, our minds are blown by how much they've changed! Chris and Leah must be so proud of their beautiful brood. Megan is 17 now and the boys, Sam and Eli are 15 and 10. We are so pleased to see them again and hope they love these shots!


Hana & Hina

The girls are back! We just love seeing Emiko and her lovely daughters Hana and Hina and in just two short years, her girls have really grown into young women. We were glad to see that despite entering the teen years, that these three still know how to have a good laugh with one another.


Maddie & Jack

Maddie and Jack are only a year apart in age and are clearly the best of mates. Silliness seems paramount in this little quad of people and no doubt mom and dad Emily and Travis have made it just so. It was so lovely to meet this family and we hope they love their shots!