Small Business Consulting

Individual portrait of Kim Campbell, a red haired woman in front of green wall, by photographers of Campbell Salgado Studio.

Kim Campbell has been an entrepreneur for over 18 years and knows how important it is for a business owner to control the message, provide timely product and event information and express brands accurately. Here are a few areas she consults on in the Portland-metro area.

Building a Thriving Photography Career - Weekly Consulting

Save time learning about how to craft your photography practice. Kim will teach you the fundamental guidelines of PPA's best practices for having a strong and healthy business. From software acquisition, sales training, marketing and working with your clients she will custom tailor a plan to meet your needs.

Sign up for three month program that includes 3 in person / on hour meetings and 1 telephone consultation for $300 per month.

The Life of a Photographer - 24 Hour Intensive

Are you an up-and-coming photographer who would like to pick the brain (or at least peek inside that) of an established pro? The weekend package includes.

  • Wine meet-and-greet with photographers Kim Campbell and Francisco Salgado.
  • One-on-one evaluation of your business marketing materials, business plan and portfolio.
  • A chance to watch a real session in action (maternity, family, babies, children - your choice) with the option of photographing the model family for your own portfolio.
  • A constructive critique of your images and interaction with clients.
  • A helpful plan-of-action to turn your business up-a-notch.
  • 30 minute follow-up phone consultation two weeks after meeting.

Saturday 5pm meeting & Sunday 9 am - 5pm - $2,000

Custom Photography Backgrounds and Outdoor Light modifiers

So we can't forget about one of the unique skills Francisco has as a sculptor - he also can build and weld stuff. Really cool stuff like light filtering structures for photographers to work outside under. Contact us if you are interested in seeing our one-of-a-kind, permanent light modifiers.

Photographer Kim Campbell photographing in Portland, Oregon photo studio.

Growing Your Photo Business

With 20 years under her belt as an entrepreneur, Kim Campbell, will provide one-on-one consultation.

  • How to grow your business.
  • Evaluate what social media options best address business goals
  • Figuring out how to price for success.
  • Find your voice and pace yourself for the long haul and not the sprint.

@ $100 per hour, two hour minimum for new clients.